Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I never thought puke would stop grossing me out

A boy after my own heart.  Chocolate toast for lunch.  #nutellaislife

This boy of mine has thrown up 3 times in the last 7 days.

Last Tuesday night, at my moms.  He got off of the couch, walked into the kitchen and *BLAMMO* all over the floor before I picked him up and got him to the kitchen sink.  Once it was over, he skipped over to my mom's lap for a hug and asked for a treat.

Monday morning.  He was eating cinnamon crumb cake.  I was sitting next to him.  He gave me the look, I told him to get to the garbage and he tossed his cookies.  I was nervous that he shouldn't go to school and called the dad.  The dad said, "if it were any other kid, I'd say he couldn't go to school but, it's Wyatt.  He throws up all the time and is fine.  Send him."

He's right, and I did.

Later I asked him why he puked.  He said because there wasn't enough crumble on the piece of cake he put in his mouth.

Last night was the giant mother freaking holy cow tantrum of all tantrums.  It started because it wasn't his turn for a bath.  Then he lost the game they were playing.  Then he hit is brother one too many times for my liking so I kindly lifted him into bed and walked away.  The screaming got louder and louder and more phlegmy and more gaggy and just as I stormed into his room yelling, "Stop it or your going to thr....."

He did.  

Into his hands.

I grabbed a towel that we keep in his room and rushed him to the bathroom.

Round one was giant balls of phlegm.

He said he was finished.

I knew he wasn't.

Another 3 minutes of waiting and the kid sold his buick, and a few others too.

After he was finished (he screamed at me I'M DONE PUKING NOW!), he brushed his teeth.  I threw the toothbrush away.  He apologized for being a monster turd, grabbed a pillow, laid down on the floor and fell asleep.

I knew he was tired.

Honestly, there isn't another kid in the whole world who throws up all the time like it's no big deal and then continues about his business.  Even asks for food immediately after puking.

Kid grosses me out.

He is so strange.

But, at 34.75 years old, it no longer makes me quease.  Well, not as bad.

Not sure what kind of message that is sending, but.....

Grandpa and I have told him there is no puking at Disneyland.

It's against the rules.

he's promised he wont or were feeding him to the Matterhorn Yettie.

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