Friday, March 08, 2013

Quinner: 6 months


Hello sweet baby boy.  You are one month older, isn't it exciting?  The last month has been so great for you, lots of big stuff going on, but first, the stats.

22.2 lbs
28 inches tall
head is good (what is the point of head circumference anyway?)
95th percentile over all

6 month check up.   22.2 pounds.  28 inches long.

At the doctor yesterday, your pediatrician was impressed with you, as usual.  You are a bit advanced in all ways except sitting up, but we're working on that as much as possible.  You are a baby who prefers to lay down all the time and that's okay I guess.  Dad and I are pretty certain that you are just too fat to sit up and that as you start to thin out a bit it will be easier for you.

The biggest changes in the last couple weeks are:
One, you have perfected rolling over either direction from your back to your tummy and if you are super motivated, can roll back onto your back.

Two, in the last two weeks, you've got two goofy toofers in the front of your mouth that you love to use to bite my finger every chance you get.

Otherwise, you still sleep through the night.  You are still always starving and are either eating food or drinking a bottle every two hours.  You still never nap, except yesterday after the doctor.  Those shots really wiped you out.  You love to hang out in the walker and the baby Einstein and think standing is great when it's part of playing but you refuse to stand on your own.  This weekend, we're packing up all the 12 month clothes and making the move to 18 months.

mar 131

You my boy are super alert, lovey, and squishy.  Your giggle is infectious and you adore your brothers to the ends of the earth.  They have not gotten bored with you.  In fact, the older and bigger you get, the more enamored they are with you and the more they want to play with you.  And, with Wyatt, the more he wants to get in your face and in your business all day long.

You are great at head butting and scratching.  At yelling and talking.  You are no longer terrified of the car at night and as long as you have a toy in your hand, could probably hang in the car for a good two hour car ride.

Oh, and today?  You sat in the high chair for the first time and....

First time in the real high chair.  Mikey liked it.  #mybabyisgrowingtoofast

loved it!

And as always, I love you.  I really hope you love me back.

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