Thursday, March 21, 2013


Whenever my husband travels for work, which lets face it isn't often (thank heavens!), he always brings the boys prizes that they'll love.  It makes me happy that he knows his boys so well that he always brings them something that hits the spot, the adore, and sort of makes up for the week or weeks he's been gone.

I don't ever expect a prize from a trip, but one is always appreciated and my edible prizes from this work trip are top notch.

First, at the airport in Paris on his way home yesterday, he bought me some Laudree macrons.  They cost him an arm and a leg (or at least what was left of his Euros) and they did not disappoint.  At least not the Hazelnut or Vanilla.  Divine and decadent.  I haven't eaten the other four yet: Chocolate, Lemon, Raspberry and Salted Caramel for dessert.  They came in the most beautiful packaging and are so delicate.  Yes, I can buy them locally, but they aren't as good as the Parisian original.

My prize from Paris.   Laudrée macarons.  I want to eat all of them immediately but also save them all forever.

And then, from my favorite country in the whole world (minus my own, of course), Switzerland, he brought me just what I had hoped for, une Suisse chocolat.  There is just something decadent and amazing about real chocolate, from a country that is known for it's chocolate.  Not only that, the chocolates came in a cool tin with the flag of each of the Cantons of Switzerland (states if you will) and inside, each delicate little chocolate is individually wrapped: milk, dark, and milk with a crunch.

Also perfectly and beautifully packaged and individually wrapped Suisse chocolat.  It melts in your mouth like butter.

Tres bien un mari!

Tres bien!

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