Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where's Perry?

My brother is taking a "Humanities" class this semester.  It seems to be pretty dumb with absolutely no rhyme or reason to the curriculum.  The class came with a huge binder and two weeks ago an in class discussion about the appropriateness of breast feeding in public.

Just what a bunch of high school kids want to talk about, right?

Well, as part of the disjointed curriculum, Willie was assigned to make a paper mache mask.  Why you ask?  Maybe because as a humanities theme they would be discussing Greek tragedies, John Paul Sartre and satire or something along those lines?

Nope.  They were just supposed to make a mask.  And the instructions wanted the kids to first build their mask by applying wet duck tape to their faces and then using a paper mache technique to finish them up.

Double dumb.

Being the arts and crafts member of the family, Willie asked me if I would help make his mask, a Perry the Platypus mask.  I was totally up for the challenge, the creative outlet, and the mess so last week on Thursday night, after consuming mass quantities of pizza, we set to work building a platypus out of a milk jug, a cardboard egg, and lots and lots of paper and glue.  We, well I, put the finishing touches on the mask on Sunday night after dinner while Willie splayed his upper body on the kitchen table lamenting calculus and the essay he was supposed to write (for Humanities no less) on marginalized members of society.

Say what?

Anyway, the platypus turned out pretty stinking cool.

Tonight's humanities homework

With these guys

By Sunday this will hopefully be s platypus

Almost done @willie_petersen44

Getting closer @willie_petersen44

Hey?  Where's Perry? @willie_petersen44

And, as a side note, I really like it when my brother comes to chill at my abode.  When I was a little girl, my mom's brothers would come to my house so she could do their homework for them while they tormented my sister and me.  They would mess up our stuffed animals, tease us, pin us to the ground and dangle loogies from their mouths over our faces.  All sorts of good uncle things while my mom wrote all their essays.  Good times they were.  It's really pretty fun, and cool, that while I was up to my elbows in diluted glue, my brother and a very good uncle, was reading books to my boys, playing with googly eyes, and in general, just being pretty awesome with two little boys who adore him.

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