Friday, March 22, 2013

These boys of mine....

Waiting at three airport for dad

Elliott has been so good this week.  He totally took charge and was extra helpful and kind while his dad was gone.  I was real proud of him.  He didn't fight with me, tried hard not to fight with the pest and took good care of his sweet little baby.

But, now that dad is home, the afternoon yesterday was a bit rough.

There was some hitting and clawing and yelling and some time spent in time out.

Finally, after dinner, when the wild was revving up for round two, Wyatt, who has been a particular shade of annoying lately, turned to his brother, who had him in a loose headlock and said:

"Hey, Elliott.  I've got a great idea.  Let's not hit each other!"

Good idea, Wyatt.  Good idea.


These big boys of mine are also way into having their hair combed as of the last couple of weeks.  I've never let them have hair long enough to comb because I'm lazy and I really like their short, fuzzy wuzzy hair.  But, at their request, I've let them start to grow it out so that they can have their hair like their dad and uncle willie.  Well, as we were getting ready to head to the airport to pick up our dad on Wednesday, it was time to comb their hair.  Water, gel, combs, fingers, they use it all.  But, there were a few style glitches and I had to offer an assist.  MELTDOWN!

Apparently, my boys are really teenage girls and we left the house with both of them nursing tears because their hear wasn't perfect.

Lesson learned.

I'm making this one do laundry because I don't feel good.   All he wants to do though is slober on my clean towels.

And this little ball of squish?  He's good.  He's happy.  He missed his dad and is happy to have said dad carry him all around the house, supervising the chaos, just as things are supposed to be.

But, most important, this little fart has finally figured out how to 1) SIT UP and 2) STAND  Now, the standing isn't for very long and he gives up pretty quickly, but I was really starting to get nervous that those fat little legs of his just plain old didn't work.  And the sitting?  We've been working on that for a while but last week on Sunday it just started to click and now, by the end of the week, we can actually leave him unsupported and he doesn't topple over for almost a minute.

Good job baby brother!

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