Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grandma and her Quails

My mom discovered last week that in the flower bed in front of her house, she has expectant parents.  Quails!  The mama quail is sitting on 9 little tiny eggs and on Sunday, it was time for grandma to show her fowl grandchildren to her human grandchildren.  After hunting down the nest, scaring off the mama, my mom attempted to hoist each grandchild (sans Elliott.  Okay, she just lifted Wyatt) over the flowers to see the eggs.

My mom looking for her quail and its eggs

Before and after the quail hunt, it was picture time. Every few months, my mom wants a picture of her grand kids in their Sunday best. This Sunday was no exception, except that the middle children struggle to cooperate. Molly, Jack and Quinn won't hold still and Wyatt is too busy pulling faces and flashing gang signs to concentrate. Regardless, they are all cute kiddos and I love them lots and lots.

Outtake of my mother's grandchildren

My mother's grandchildren

And, just look at how much these guys have grown up from just 11 months ago.


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