Friday, July 05, 2013

The Fourth of Joolie!

Yesterday was independence day.  Easily one of my least favorite days of the year, but with only one itty bitty glitch in the morning, we were able to pull a day off with happy parents, happy children, and lots of fireworks.

Seriously.  The fireworks?  There needs to be a curfew.  There are people who need to go to work the next day.  There are babies that need to sleep.  There is no reason to still be lighting aerials at 12:30 in the morning...for the third night in a row.

Anyway, the day started with an attempt at a sit down breakfast that ended with a sit down in a donut shop.  Then, we headed to the move theater to see Monsters University with Ross' mom and dad.  We started out well, saw some friends from the old neighborhood, but we had a minor ticket/seat issue with the rest of the people on our row, several rude movie goers and a baby that was supposed to take a nap but wouldn't.

So, I took the nutzo baby home where he promptly crashed, worked on my online class and made caramel popcorn while the rest of the group was at the movie.

Best attempt at a family picture
After the show, it was time to pack up three bags worth of crap to head out to my grandpa's to swim away the afternoon and eat lots of barbecued burgers.  The food was tasty.  The swimming was excellent.  The company was pretty good too.  We had a great time.  My grandparents backyard is my happy place.  Having spent the entirety of my youth in that backyard swimming pool, it almost makes me cry to see my kids enjoy it as much as I did.  And, as with all family activities, though my grandma wasn't there in person, she was there in spirit...getting mad that we plugged the hose into the slide instead of just hauling buckets of water to get it wet.

A pool full of beluga whales


What you lookin at?

After the party ended, we headed to my parents for our fireworks extravaganza, and a little Neal Diamond on the television. Everyone brought a stash of fireworks and we lit them for about an hour, but we didn't have anything to compare to my parent's neighbors. It was quite a show! The boys had fun and are future pyromaniacs. Quinn sat on my lap and held the speaker. This year Willie thought it would be good to have our own stadium of fire so we listened to Monsters and Men while we blew stuff up. It was actually a nice soundtrack to the festivities.

Then of course, we headed home. And, because we must be living right, all the little boys in the car fell asleep on the 20 minute drive, stayed asleep, and slept until 9:00 am this morning.

Pyros in training

Were patriotically dressed and didn't even notice until just now.




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