Friday, July 05, 2013

We are the Champions!

It's a bit late in coming, two weeks in fact, but I needed to document the historic ride of Elliott's baseball team - the Indians.

But, not that it is two weeks passed, I don't have a lot to say so a few pictures will have to suffice.

Elliott started playing baseball the first week in April and he ended his baseball season on the last week of June.  That my friends, is a lot of baseball for a 6 year old.  We had two games a week for the majority.  The start of the season was absolutely frigid and Quinn and I spent most games at home or in the car.  The middle of the season was windy and rainy and Quinn and I spent most games in the car.  The end of the seasons and the playoffs were incredibly hot, but at least we didn't have to sit in the car.

Ross should really be writing this post, but Elliott did a great job.  He played machine pitch and often had difficulty concentrating on actually hitting the ball, but he did make some really great plays during the season, one in particular in a playoff game his team was losing.  Of course, I wasn't there and missed it, but rumor has it his team cheered him on and if they were strong enough, may have carried him on their shoulders.

In the end, his little team only lost one game all season long and the swept the playoffs.  Giant trophy's, frozen yogurt and pool parties ensued and though I'm not quite sure he really understood all the pomp and circumstance surrounding it, or why his super nice coach cried a bit, he really had a great time.  And, he's a pretty good baseball player, too.

And, he has two new trophies to add to his growing collection.


They won the championship.   Only lost one game all season

He did such a great job!

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