Saturday, July 20, 2013

in a nutshell....

He likes dad's new truck

Ross got a new to him truck. Since we sold Shavy Jones he's been looking and looking. He sold his truck and found a new one in the same week. Lucky guy. It's got 4 doors and doesn't feel like we are riding in a semi. Also, Quinn likes it.

The speaker said nauvoo..he turned to me and said , "mom that guy said Naboo".  #starwars

I'm pretty sure that my children never pay attention at church. I'm pretty sure that most the time I don't manage to pay too much attention at church. But, last week, one of the speakers said, "Nauvoo" and Wyatt turned to me and said, "Mom, that guy said Naboo!" as excited as could be. Who knOO they talked about Star Wars at church.


Last week we met one of my cousins and her kids for a couple of hours at the West Valley City pool. We had a great afternoon and a lot of fun. Auntie Haley volunteered to avoid her bathing suit and stay home with the little boys while I took the other kids. It was a good day.

Magna Sunset

After dinner and swimming on Wednesday night at my grandpa's I had to run to the post office in Magna. Magna may have the most beautiful sunsets.

Sometimes the #711 is just too close to home

So hot.  Not pictured: me and my giant diet coke

On Thursday, just before the morning doldrums set in, we decided to trek to the local 7-11. I didn't realize until we started walking and looked at my phone that it was nearly 100 degrees outside. We got our slurpees, stopped quickly at the park, found a tiny pine cone and got home as quickly as we could. Holly hot, batman. The first thing the boys did when we got home was take off their undershirts and me? I had to change too. Even with a dry shirt, sweat was still dripping down my back for a good 30 minutes later.

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