Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our last days of summer....

Elliott starts school tomorrow, July 26th.  He will be a first grader, in the dual language, Spanish Immersion program at his elementary school.  Today, he and I went to meet with his teachers and he starts his day, every day, with Spanish.

I am so excited and so nervous for him.  We both walked away from our teaching meeting with lots of questions and a little confused.  And, we forgot to look where the bathrooms are.  When you go to school all day, you need to know where the bathroom is.

First grade, can you believe it?  I remember the day this boy was born, the day I had to leave him at the hospital and the day I got to bring him home.  And now, he's six and a half and starting first grade.  I told him that I might cry tomorrow. He looked at me like I'm the biggest idiot he knows.

Since our "summer" was only three weeks long, we have tried to cram in a lot of stuff and this week has been no exception. 

From tonight's walk

We went for a walk around the lake and got mysterious bug bites all over our heads and arms and saw fish.

Elliott lost hours 5th tooth today.   I made tooth fairy monsters to commemorate.  #icansewsortof #itwasfunsortof

Elliott lost his fifth tooth and I made little tooth fairy monsters for the boys with my new sewing machine to celebrate.

Why go to the parade when the floats are air conditioned

We went with cousins to check out the floats for the Pioneer Day Parade, stand in long lines for balloon guns and then proceeded to pop our balloon guns. Oh, and Wyatt won a pack of gum in a ring toss game.

Ha ha

Side note: I do not EVER want to build a float.

Best behaved boys (and most disinteresred) at the whole float event

The babies were not impressed with the floats!

Front yard batting practice at 8 pm and its still 91 degrees outside

Batting practice and bat eating practice with dad the night before he had to go to scout camp.

Front yard baseball bat eating practice

Pioneer day bbq

Pick nicking, nose picking, and so much swimming we sprouted gills for the 24th of July celebration.

The end of the day at one of the best places on earth #bestsummerever

Wrapping up the last days of summer in one of our favorite places, on the floor at grandma's house watching dumb cartoons with Uncle Willie. And, learning how to plank.

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