Tuesday, March 27, 2007

9 weeks

Elliott is 9 weeks old today. In the last week he has become even more smiley and talkative. When Ross and I repeat any sound he makes, his eyes light up and he gets so excited he can hardly stand it. We must be telling him what he wants to hear.

Elliott has also become a much better sleeper in the last few days. He only wakes up once, maybe twice in the night to eat and he's crashed out the rest of the time. Yeah Elliott! It's good that he sleeps at night because he no longer sleeps during the day. He has one nap, between 10am-1pm and then he's up and ready for action until he goes to bed. If only he were happy that entire time, life would be grand.

He has also decided recently that the stroller is cool, kicking off blankets is fun, and mobiles over the crib are awesome! He loves the outdoors and looking at the flowers and as always, music hits the spot whether happy or distraught. (did you notice the rhyme?)

Perhaps most importantly, he has found his fingers. Once his fist hits his mouth, it seems to create for him a sense of calm, peace, and utter joy. We can hear him sucking on his hand from a different room and he'll do it for quite some time.

March 27016

March 27022

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