Friday, March 16, 2007

Sufficiently Distracted

March is a great month. The weather gets warmer, the bulbs burst through the ground to bring some color back to the world, and college basketball reaches a frenzy. I love basketball. I love the sound of shoes squeaking on the gym floor, the swoosh of the net and the cheers of the fans. My college team of choice blew dead bear this year, but that's okay. The tournament is still exciting, whether your team makes it or not. For the love of the game, right?

Every year in my family we all fill out our brackets. There is nothing on the table but bragging rights, however, it's important to cheer against Puke (I mean Duke and ha, ha, they lost last night), and rage against Kentucky. I did fill out my bracket and Jared even invited me to be in his online bracket pool, I'm sure just so there would be someone with worse picks than him. I didn't watch any games yesterday and haven't even turned the TV on this morning except to watch the news at 6am. Ross called me this morning and asked if I was response was basically, basketball, huh? In case you are wondering...Willie filled out a bracket for Elliott. His bracket is in first place. Go figure!

I am sure that my passion will return once I get into the groove of life, but most likely my picks really do suck so bad that I'll save my energy for something trying to make my baby smile. He's getting there, slowly. This week though, has been a good one in the happy department. We've gone on long strolls in the neighborhood, and he is even thinking about smiling and laughing when he's awake, instead of asleep. I like that.

Until the basketball flame is re-lit, I'll just keep staring at a baby who, maybe one day soon, will stare back for longer than 1 second because I am not nearly as interesting as looking at the wall.

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Lisa said...

Hey Annie,
Thanks for reading my basic blah blog. I am working on it. You are quite inspiring. I do have a question about your video which is absolutely adorable - how can your cute little guy smile when you are poking him with something? You are missed here but I am thrilled for you with your work and mom working out. I love reading your blog to keep in touch. -Lisa


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