Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pride or Prejudice...Part Deux

Yesterday, as Elliott and I were leaving the house so Grandma Judy could watch him as I got a much needed hair makeover, I saw this at the house across the alley; kiddie toys on the back patio. I like toys and think kids that play with toys are great. Only one problem...the people who LIVED in this house moved out a week ago. There hasn't been a sign of them since the big UHaul and through the curtain-less back door we can see that the home is completely empty.
Why, people, why? Is this a new phenomenon I've not heard of yet? Is leaving a little something behind for the next family a new tradition I've not been introduced to?
Oh, the humanity of it all....

By the way, this morning when I came downstairs to eat breakfast, I noticed that the 3 and a half month old Christmas tree was gone. Yipee-Ki-O-Ki-A!


.::still blinking::. said...

I think they are yours now. I have several items from old roommates and old apartments that have been left behind. I don't think it is a new thing. They probably just forgot and don't care enough to come back and get them.

Utefan said...

Don't you think that's kind of creepy? How do toys get where there are no kids? Crazy!


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