Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pride or Prejudice?

Ross and I have a list that I call the "Howden Great Big To Do List". The list took a back seat to "Gary" and all that is baby, but I rediscovered the list the other day. It needs to be updated, but I had it broken down into three categories: To Do, Want to Do, and Baby Stuff. In the WANT category, one of the items was make stupid neighbors move away. Well, that wish came true right after Christmas. The next door neighbors that Ross actually befriended, but avoided me ended up buying a house in Herman (yes, I know it's Herriman, but Herman sounds better) and moved away. This move, along with last weeks move of the other problem family on the block, has made our street in the Truman Show a much happier and quieter place to live. I can't say that the move was a result of paying our tithing or saying our prayers, but it is still much appreciated.

When the next door neighbors moved, they just left their Christmas tree, stand still attached, out on the lawn between our two houses. At the time, Ross and I just figured that there was either going to be some sort of HOA sponsored neighborhood tree pick-up, or that on their last trip to pick up stuff, they would take the tree with them. Well, the tree is still there, two months later.

Here's where things get interesting...soon after the neighbors we didn't like moved out, leaving their tree behind, new neighbors moved in. We haven't really seen these people, even though we can see their furniture (they have a lot of red decor), and recently discovered that there is at least one elementary aged child in the house. Anywhoo, here's the issue...the tree is still on the lawn and the new folks have been in about a month. Can they see it? Do they care? Are they hoping it will sprout roots and they can plant it or that it will grow legs and walk away on it's own? Do they think the tree is mine? (That would be foolish of them since holiday's aren't my thing...can't they see that from the lack of St. Patrick's Day decorations!) Because they are renters do they just think someone else will clean it up?

If it were me, I would have too much pride in my home and my environment to leave the tree in the yard. I just don't get it.

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