Thursday, April 05, 2007

Baby Kryptonite

cereal success002

Maybe we should have named him Kal-el (superman reference, get it?) because after a week of trial and error and a lot of screaming, the monkey baby has discovered his kryptonite. We feed Elliott his cereal around 8 pm every night and the last three nights he's actually decided that eating it isn't half bad. Maybe it's because he's hungry or maybe it's because of the pinch of sugar I add (mom told me to) that makes it go down a little more smoothly. Regardless of the reason, Elliott has decided that cereal is A-Okay. Mom and Dad like it to. Cereal makes the baby sleep...FOR HOURS AT A TIME! Elliot can now make it, at night, 6-7 hours with out waking up and begging for food. It's such a great thing.

Thank you cereal. Thank you.

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