Friday, April 27, 2007


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This mamma business is much harder than I was prepared for. Looking at the monkey's face, I'm sure it's hard to believe that he is hard to take care of, but trust me, he is. The little guy is too smart and alert for his own good. I read online the other day that 3 months old are still supposed to sleep for 16-18 hours a day. If that is the case, then why does mine only sleep, like 8? And what am I supposed to do with him all the hours during the day he is awake and demanding entertainment, enlightenment, and challenge? He must be talked too, cooed at, bounced, and played with at all times. If I don't have the right toy, he tells me. If I play the wrong song in the pod, he lets me know. I'm running out of energy and ideas. And sometimes I MUST use the bathroom! I must.

I love the monkey more than I ever thought possible. He makes me so tired though, that sometimes I might lose my mind. That's okay isn't it, the mind losing part? As long as I loose it only occasionally when there is another responsible adult around?

At least he sleeps through the night, right? And wakes up so happy we can hardly stand all his chubby, squishy-ness!

My mom told me the other day that I need to develop more patience. She's right, I do. But, Monkey needs to develop his ability to verbalize what he wants. In time, he will. Every day he looks like he is just going to talk to me. The day he does will be great. The thought I had yesterday was that, I need to develop my patience, but monkey is the most patient thing in the world. He has to wait for me to figure out what he wants. That sometimes takes hours, and days...he's the patient one.

I'm glad that he can teach me.

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Kara said...

those eyes...what a great picture


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