Monday, April 02, 2007

Purely Random

Ross and I opened a savings account for Elliott this weekend. For it's initial finding, we cashed out some of my savings bonds. This gave the little monkey a good start. The oldest bond I had was purchased for me by my Great Grandpa the year I was born, 1978.

savings bond

This bond got Elliott the most cash. Thank you Grandpa.

As we were finishing up at the credit union on Saturday, a stereotypical dumb cowboy kid carrying a Sobe iced-tea walked in with three other people. The available teller said, "may I help you?" and the moron responded, "I just bought me a new 4-wheeler and I gotta get the check for it wroten out." Wroten? Only in Utah.

On Friday afternoon, Elliott and I went to watch Uncle Willie play basketball at school. I've posted pictures of Willie's "hugeness" before, but this one is rather stunning. He is such a big kid. A nice, soft, cuddly, happy, smart big kid, but a big'un nonetheless.

the giant

I would say the kid he is guarding in this pic is an "average" 6th grader. Go figure.

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Anonymous said...

I like the new header. That's a cute picture of the chubby one!



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