Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gangster Lesbians love Nickel Creek

Last night, Haley and I went to an excellent concert. We've been avid followers of Nickel Creek for about 6 years or so and have seen then just as many times in concert. We first saw them at the very cool Zephyr club the night before Halloween years ago and have only missed 1, maybe 2 salt lake/park city/red butte shows since. They are the only group I have ever seen that would maybe qualify as "country", but I prefer to think of them as a sort of hip, funky, blue grass trio.

Saturday's concert was at the lovely Abravanel Hall and as Haley and I were walking towards the venue, and she actually looked at the tickets, we realized that we were on the fourth row. There are only a few other shows I've been so close to the group, but 4th row seats were great, especially because they were see, Nickel Creek is a sit down band. They rock in their own sweet way, but they draw an interesting crowd. To either side of Haley and me were old people and husbands upset at being drawn to a concert for a group their wives like instead of, oh a CCR revival show. In front of us were two couples and one of them didn't fit the Nickel Creek mold. The girl, of whom the title of this post references, was VERY EXCITED to be at Nickel Creek, even though she looked like she might be packing heat (note the rhyme). She was wearing her red NY Yankees had, backwards and sideways, a 3xl red Izod shirt, baggy saggy jeans, and her BK kicks. Nose ring, earrings, and lots of bling.

Now, Haley and I didn't really care about her outfit, nor did we care that she was holding her girlfriends hand the whole time (even though the woman in front of us did...she stared the whole time...must have been her first experience with gangsters in the SLC). What we did care about though, and found rather amusing, was that the girl seemed to think she was at, oh, a RUN DMC reunion show than the show of a nice little trio from California that plays the guitar, mandolin, and violin. She was hooting and hollering and doing her Arsenio Hall power fist in the air throughout the show, especially when they sand her favorite know, the one about the guy that jumps off a lighthouse tower and commits suicide. That one rocks.

Regardless, the concert was very good, and a great "farewell (for now)" show. The group played for nearly three hours, nearly all of their songs. They played a Radiohead tune I didn't know, and ended their encore with a raucous version of the Beatles "helter skelter". (It was a Beatles song, right Haley?)

The concert ended around 11:40 and I was starving so we hit a MacDonalds close to the freeway on the way home. It is a scary Mcy-D's, one that has padlocks on the bathroom doors. As we were in line to pay for our food at the drive through, these two crazy people came towards our car. Haley made sure the doors were locked. We thought that they were going to ask us for $$ or something...but they seemed to be speaking Russian. We don't speak Russian. Well, they weren't interested in speaking to us, they just wanted to stand in line, behind our car, you know, cause drive through's take walk ups. If that wasn't enough, she whipped out a $50 (the restaurant doesn't take bills that large, that late) and then, following their example, another guy got out of his car, and stood in line behind them.

As we drove away, I hope it all worked out for them.

The show was good, the entertainment just as good, and I hope that the group reunites soon. It's always a fun night out with my sister. And, now that she's married, I don't have to go to Kenny Chestnut with her. Good luck with that one James, it's all yours.

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Tooele Math said...

What?!? I have NEVER drug you to Kenny Chesnuts. What are you talking about? Once we had Chixie Dix Tix, but we didn't even make it. We were in Yellowstone. Otherwise, though, thatnks for the good post. Oh . . . and James doesn't mind hick music too much. He is from Box Elder County, remember!! Haley


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