Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Customer Service, part 3: The epic saga of denim

If you remember, back in August, I was trying to find a pair of jeans that fit. I had a rough evening at the mall and came home with the ugliest, stretchiest pair of fake denim you ever could find, and a bad attitude.

After I returned those jeans I decided to see if the internet would be my friend, particularly Eddie Bauer online. I ordered two pair of jeans, the same style and size, just in different colors. I went for a size bigger than my pre-baby size to ensure fit and ordered them, of course, in tall. I did this around August 21, 2007. I hoped that they would arrive, and fit, by the time we went to Yellowstone. They didn't and I went to Yellowstone with only stretchy pants to my name.

When we arrived at home, my jeans were here. They of course came the second the car died in Pocatello, I'm sure. I was excited and even more elated when the jeans fit. At least the lighter colored of the two pair. The darker wash came in regular length, not tall. I need tall. I'm positive I ordered tall. I depend on tall to make me look like I can actually find clothes that fit. After reading through all of my return/exchange options, I found that the most simple was to return the pants with the pre-paid label and exchange them for the TALL pair.

I returned the jeans. Two weeks later, I get an e-mail saying that my return has been received and that my account will be credited. This is so stupid! I return the jeans to exchange for a bigger size and this is EB's policy. They credit me what I paid for the jeans, and then redo the order for a new pair and charge me again.

ARG! So stupid. About a week after the e-mail that my return has been returned, I get an e-mail saying that the new pair of jeans has shipped.

I got them last Friday. Nearly two months after I ordered them in the first place.

Talk about efficiency.

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