Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boys will be boys

It's beyond me what to do with these rowdy crazy boys most of the time.  They are so loud, so physical, so competitive.  Yes, my sister and I would have mercy fights until we drew blood, but that wasn't until we were practically teenagers.  These guys go at it a dozen times a day and pretty soon we're going to have bloody body parts and broken furniture in this house.

If anyone has any ideas on how to tame two wild beasts while still letting them be boys, that advice would be greatly appreciated.  I've yet to catch it on video, but when Wyatt gets mad, he uses this deep scary voice that reminds us of Gozer from Ghost busters.  And Elliott, though he tries so hard to be a good boy, just cannot keep his hands and temper to himself when his brother is concerned and the grabbing, pinching, and shaking of fists is a bit out of least this week.

Regardless, they are my boys and I love them.  They are such "boy" boys, if you know what I mean and they do everything full force and full throttle.

Swimming lessons are so exciting that they are absolutely out of control in the few minutes we wait to begin.  They swim so hard and drink so much water that the ride home is peaceful because they're exhausted.


Yesterday I was trying to help them get rid of some energy and ride their scooters outside. It of course didn't work and all they wanted to do was blow air from the bike pump up their noses.

And this morning I took them to the park bright and early to burn off some energy. It's a bit of a walk from the new house and they both walked the entire way. Elliott likes to climb and adventure in the park, using all the toys to the best of his ability. Wyatt only likes the slides. He picks the biggest, tallest slide, figures out the most difficult pathway to get to that slide and then spends the next 30 minutes scaring the living crap out of me acting like an absolute crazy boy going up and down the slide. He goes forwards, backwards, climbs up the bottom, thinks about going head first. He is cautious to an extent, but throws all caution to the wind once his but hits the starting line.



We need preschool back.


Bing Math said...

I don't know what was more funny . . . blowing the bike pump up their noses or Elliott's (I mean Napoleon's) moon boots

fivewoods said...

I love your boys!


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