Tuesday, June 21, 2011



My children LOVE the park. They love to run and play. They love slides. They love wood chips. They love exploring and playing super secret agent spy. They love to pretend that they are shooting down perigrin falcons and honey badgers with their secret weapons.

I love thier creativity. I love their enthusiasm. I love watching them climb and explore and be brave by going down the tall fast slides.


Can I tell you something though, internet? I cannot stand the park. I am one of those parents that for the most part, is involved at the park. I stay close to my boys, I track their location, I make sure they play nice and I follow them around. Yes, I helicopter but my gosh they are little and if your two year old was a fearless climber who constantly gets stuck on high climby things you would helicopter too.

Maybe I have a fear of strange children, or germs, or my kids getting burned on hot equipment. Maybe those moms that sit far away in the shade and don't notice when their kid introduces himself to my kid by punching him in the shoulder just bug the crap out of me. Maybe I'm just too uptight to really let myself enjoy the park or let my kids have as much fun as they want. Maybe I think that when there are about 5 kids under 4, the big kids that are 8 ad older should go play freeze tag by themselves in the open space and stop jumping on the wobbly bridge that my little monkey two year old is desperately trying to cross without crashing.

My boys love the park.

I love the park when my boys are the only two kids there.


But, it's still a nice place to hang out on a beautiful summer day. Especially when our dad can join us for a few minutes during his lunch break.


And who doesn't enjoy a quick drive past the buffalo on the way home from an afternoon at the park. Will you look at the blue sky in that picture! Look at it!! It is amazing. A blue sky like that makes the day, no matter where you spend it, absolutely perfect.


fivewoods said...

I could never get my kids to leave the Park. My least favorite place however is the ZOO!!!!!!!

Petersen Family said...

What is a honey badger?


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