Thursday, June 30, 2011



On Tuesday night I told the boys that we would be going with Aunt Haley and Miss Molly to the Tracy Aviary.

"Whats an Aviary mom?" asked the inquisitive 4 year old.

"An aviary is like a zoo for only birds," I replied.

"Oh, mom!  Do you think that the aviary will have birds of prey?  I absolutely LOVE birds of prey!  And scavengers...will they have any scavengers?  Did you know vultures are scavengers. Oh, I bet they'll have a peregrine falcon - if I could be a bird of prey I'd be a falcon."  said the 4 year old.



Yes my boy, they had birds of prey and scavengers and some scarlet ibis.  They had owls and eagles and a red-tailed hawk.  There was enough bird to keep the kids occupied for an hour which is longer than I've ever spent at the aviary in my life.

When we got back in the car, AC blasting, heading to lunch Elliott said to me, "Mom, what was your favorite bird?"

"The scarlet Ibis" I told him.


"I had 4 favorite birds: the vultures, the Andean condor, the bald eagle and the parrots.  I love parrots." He told me.

I then asked the Chick, "Wyatt, what was your favorite bird?"

He enthusiastically shouted, "Dump truck!" (We did see a dump truck at the aviary)

I asked him again, "Chicky boom, what was your favorite BIRD?"

He said more loudly, "Toucan!"

We didn't see a toucan at the aviary.



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