Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer is here....


The other day we went to the aquarium and 5 guys for lunch where I was Informed that 5 guys fries are the fattiest fries around. Go figure.

I also pulled a weed out of my new lawn two days ago that, no joke, had an almost 2 foot long root and I fell over a bit yanking it out of the ground.

Over the weekend, in the middle of our move, we opened Shavy Jones for it's third season.

We headed out to run errands on Saturday night. On the way to home depot the chick puked in the car. Gross. I caught most of it in the blanket in my hand and down my arm. Awesome. Luckily the HD is next to a k-mart so Elliott and I headed in to buy supplies: new outfit, blanket, wipes and diapers.

Nothing builds an appetite like vomit so we decided to eat at Arby's. Brilliant voice of course because it was located in the Kmart parking lot. Only problem? One kid had just puked and the older has this new nasty habit of refusing to eat in public.

That of course resulted in a hissy fit and the throwing of said hissy fitter into he car where once he stopped crying he ate his dinner ice cold sitting in the car waiting for dad to buy the wrong part at home depot.

Why is it that one can almost never purchase the right thing the first time at the HD? Its so annoying.

Anyway, the point o this post was that after a crazy night we ended up at Shavy Jone and all was good.


Summer, thank you for coming.


Craig said...

Hurray for Season 3 of Shavy Jones! Great picture too.

Christina said...

Hurray for Season 3 of Shavy Jones! Boo for barfing. Really nice picture. I like the effect you used.


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