Monday, June 13, 2011

The New House. Part 1.

Phew!  The last week of our lives has flown by.  Last week was so overwhelming for me, because I'm a control freak spaz, that I texted my mom to tell her I was having a nervous breakdown.  She left a meeting and called me immediately, helping me calm down.  She reminded me, in a nice and comforting way, that I am a control freak spaz and that in situations like moving to a new home, I have to take it slow...that everything cannot be done instantly.

At times like that, I wish I was magic like on "Bewitched".  I wish I could be Samantha and just wiggle my nose and voila!  the living room is put together.

Speaking of living room, that's the only part of the house that is, for right now, 100% organized.  The furniture is in place, the pictures are hung, and civility abounds.  No boxes, no papers, no dust.  It is compete.  I still need a big area rug that's got a lot of pretty red in it, but I'm pretty comfortable with how it looks.

I'm really liking the new house.  I like how our stuff fits in the house, matches the house and how it really feels like home.  To be completely honest, I sort of have forgotten what it was like in the old house.  I'm glad that I've got so many pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here are a few of the very brown living room.



The yard at this new house is a bit of a disaster. The grass is totally dead, but we're working on reviving it. While waiting for the moving truck last week, my work crew pulled all the weeds out of the flower beds. That was so appreciated. With a little time on my hands today (thanks Haley, Molly, Willie and Parker for taking the monkeys to the zoo) I was able to plant some flowers in the front.

It makes my heart happy to have flowers. And I can hardly wait for them to fill in throughout the rest of the summer.


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