Monday, June 13, 2011

In a nutshell.....

We started private swimming lessons with our most favorite swimmer cousin Natalie. She is so totally awesome.


We went to the aquarium and tried to eat some fish. While others of us (me!) just tried to not look at the fish because fish are creepy.


We got to play with Mollywog a couple of times. She likes us and we love her.


We got our dead lawn aerated and power raked. Then I mowed up all the dead crap and breathed in so much dust and dirt and crap that I couldn't swallow by the time I was done. But, the new yards dead grass is already looking one thousand times better.

We unpacked boxes, cleaned the garage, parked our cars int he garage for the first time all week, loaded bookshelves, set up the TV, connected to netflix via the xbox. There aren't any pictures of that.

On Saturday, my sister and I went to Pioneer theater to see "RENT". It was good. Not the best production we've seen, but my favorite part was done very well so I was pleased.

And finally? That little brother of mine had a court of honor because he earned his Eagle Scout award. The program was nice (I have no pictures). My contribution was simple. 100 eagle scout cupcakes.


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