Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apparently I need to schedule an appointment

July 4

It's 9:56 pm.

Both boys are asleep.

I just finished eating a mini "Jerry Garcia" ice cream with a little plastic spoon while watching some movie trailers online.  I am so out of touch by the way - can't tell you the last time I saw a movie, in a theater.

Just heard the garage door open and close which means that the Shavy Jones shift for the evening is over.  I need to get the stuff, count the money and load the dishwasher.  Then, my boogery and stuffy nose and I are going to bed.

My husband has been home all day today.  He ran errands with the boys, did some work in the yard and spent most of the late afternoon locked in the office working "Australia hours" (4pm to midnight) taking breaks to go and water the deadish spots in the lawn.

Right now he's out on the back deck on a work call.  I appreciate that it's summer and that he can talk loud on his phone outside and not wake up the boys.

In the whole day today, minus a few text messages (even when we were in the house together...how else was I supposed to let him know that dinner was ready?) and a few passing glances (He did tell me that he loves me in the hall as he was walking downstairs) we have not had a "real" face-to-face conversation today.  Or yesterday.  Or the day before that.  Or in the last two weeks.

Phew!  Pretty pathetic, isn't it?

I have some things I need to talk to him about.  He's apparently very busy.

I need to be a little more proactive, and figure out how to demand a little smidge of his time.

Or maybe I'll just send him an e-mail.

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Melanie said...

Justin sends me emails all the time with scheduling stuff. I think it's just because he doesn't want to tell me he's going to gone again to my face.


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