Thursday, July 28, 2011

The New House: Part 2

As of August 3, we'll have been in the new house for two months.  Can I tell you Internet friends and family that I'm really liking the new house.  We so totally fit in this house and can so totally live here forever ("Unless we move to Switzerland" says the bubble bursting husband.)

My favorite part of the new house is the kitchen and family room space.  I love that this house has a formal family room that, when we have guests, is situated as such that the guests cannot see the mess that the kitchen and family room may be in.  That, my friends, is a lovely thing to have - hiding spaces.

I love the open feel, the flow, and all the space.  Oh, this cooking and baking girl loves the space.  Our second weekend in the house I made over 100 cupcakes for my brother's Eagle Scout Court of Honor and wasn't crowded for one single second.  I love the island, and the dark cabinets.  The house is way to brown for my tastes, but I'll remedy that soon enough.




As I said, the kitchen leads right int the family room. I can be cooking or at the kitchen table and still keep a view on the boys and all their furniture climbing and wrestling. Which of course, they now have the space to do. Something in the old house they could not.


All the rooms in the house are still a work in progress of course, but this one is starting to take shape.

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fivewoods said...

Looks great!


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