Sunday, July 10, 2011

Observations from Oz

So after a week of being cooped up in an office, I finally had some free time to see a bit more of Adelaide and the surrounding hills.

It is a very pretty city and has quite the combinations of cultures. I am staying in a hotel downtown near the 'china town' district and there is every variant of Asian restaurant within walking distance. This includes Malay, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, etc. I have had some great meals here (Greek, German, Italian, Chinese, Portoguese, & Argentine).

I decided to make a listing of some things that I have noticed:

Lots of drive through liquor stores (think jiffy lube - the bays are open)

They call 'red pepper' (bell pepper) 'capsicum'

The indian guy at the shell gas station here was named 'Lovedeep'

A runaway truck ramp is called an 'arrester bed'

It is not carry out, it is 'take away'

Like the English, the Australians like their tea (even in the middle of a footy match)

It is not 'yield', it is 'give way'

I think that I am going to have a burrito tonight from a place called 'Burp' (

Kentucky Fried Chicken's popularity at home may be waning at home, but it is HUGE here - very strange

Burger King is called 'Hungry Jacks'

They have a $2 coin, but it is tiny.

TV is awful here....choices are news, bad sitcoms, bad sports (watching netball now), or bad racing

I have seen (in the 30 mins total that I have watched tv) snippets of the following three shows:

- Golden Girls

- The Dukes of Hazzard

- The Three Stooges

1986 is calling and wants is shows back.

Enjoy some shots from my trip to see Port Adelaide get smoked by St. Kilda.

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Melanie said...

Let Ross know they're not called 'shows' either - they are programs. He's making me miss New Zealand with every comment he makes.


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