Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mandatory: Water fight


There is just something about a party on a hot summer day that requires a good old fashioned water fight.  To celebrate Pioneer Day, Ross and I volunteered to host my dad's family's annual BBQ.  This was the first party at our new house and not only was I happy to have everyone come and spend the afternoon, it was the perfect motivation to truly clean the new house.  We've been here almost two months, so it's not like the house is dirty, but this was a great jump start to straighten things up and clear out the last of the unwanted clutter.

Now, I didn't warn anyone that there would be water balloons and squirt guns and hoses and the option for a splash pool.  I just let it all gradually take shape and the kids, and a few adults, got soaked.

What better way to spend the afternoon with your family, right?

We had great food (Korean BBQ beef sandwiches, and salads, and chips, and salsa, and veggies, and fruit and shaved ice for dessert), and I think that everyone had a good time.  For those that were willing to stick it out to the end, the little farts of the family even put on the worlds longest, confusing puppet show complete with electric keyboard sound effects.

Yes, a great day was had by all.  Hey, everyone....want to do it again next year?








Four Hearts Haven said...

Thank you for inviting us. We had a great time, and your new house is beautiful.

Leatham Family said...

It was a very fun time and great to see the new house. I'm up for next year!


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