Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Squirt: 26 months


Chicky Boom, it's that time. Time for the monthly updates to slow down and stop because guess what my boy! You are a big two year old and to be fair, this is the time I stopped writing about your brother every month, too.

Since you turned two, you've been full of it to say the least. Everyone who meets you thinks your cute and funny and a special little guy, which you are. Your destructive nature has given way to a desire to wrestle everyone and everything in your path. And, you get so excited about playing and life that ultimately, you puke. I cannot believe that puke hardly grosses me out anymore. I guess that's what happens when in the last 5 weeks or so I've caught more of it in my hands, as a present from you, than I ever thought was possible for a human.

To commemorate your advancement to semi regular blogging I thought that it was apropos to share some of your favorite phrases. Your Great Grandma Bea and Great Grandpa Ted were here last week to visit and I think they each said a thousand times, "Oh, he talks so good!" or "We can understand everything he says!"

Yes, Chicky, you are good.


"Mama" (With a hint of a little french accent thrown in. I'll try to get it on video, it's hilarious.)
"No, mama!"
"No mama, my can do it!"
"Mama, let me show you something."
"That's delicious!" or "That's disgusting!"
"Mama, I just saw a brachiosaurus)" (He and his brother "see" dinosaurs every day and this one, and a spineosaurus are Wyatt's favorites.)
"My belly hurts!"
"Mama, my tired."
"My a sleepy hippo."
"Mama, can I peas have a coke?"
"No!  You're coo-coo water!"
"No!  You're stinky poo-poo water!"
"Elliott, give it back!!!"

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