Sunday, December 11, 2011

In a nutshell...

Wednesday night. Basketball marathon night.


Play like a team. Win like a team. #hhsbball


Most of us at the game to watch our team lose.

And a little more basketball.

The boys and I did our sub for Santa drop off this morning. It was an awesome experience and hopefully a new tradition for us.

The boys and I delivered our family sub-for-santa project and had a really awesome experience at the Christmas Box House.

Eating the whipped cream waiting for the hot chocolate.

Eating all the home made whipped cream while waiting for the home made hot chocolate to be stirred with the home made chocolate spoons made by the mom with too much time on her hands.

And then we went to see the lights in the afternoon when no one else was out.

Visiting Temple Square to see the nativities when there are no people and some sunshine instead of the lights when it's freezing and too crowded.

Yummy Harry and David on my porch this afternoon. Thanks uncle Paul.

Receiving beautiful gift boxes of delectable treats from my super hip and cool Uncle Paul. I've never been gifted from Harry and David before and you have no idea how excited I was to break into those truffles and Elliott into the pears.

We also were able to listen to my Grandpa speak in church, as well as my dad.  I wrapped presents to put under the tree.  The husband and I even had a "date" whatever that is and though our intentions were good - to shop for a final few Christmas items for our kids and family members, we spent most of our time at the new Banana Republic outlet by our house.  Who can pass up the BR when the whole store is 70% off?

Not the boy that I married, that's for sure!  And, though it was nothing special, there is definitely something sweet, and sincere, and reminiscent of the "good old days" in hanging out just with him, sitting at the hidden back table at a barbacoa.

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