Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stupid is as stupid does...

In my home, there is no land line.  Yes, we do not have a house phone.  We each have a cell phone and that suits all of our needs just fine.  In nine years of marriage we've never had a land line and haven't needed one.  We thought about it when Elliott was born but quickly realized that everyone who would ever watch our child would also have a cell phone so there really wasn't a need.

Having a cell phone only household has helped a lot.  We are on all the "do not call" lists and almost never get solicitations.  The occasional political leaving a message, the reminder call for a doctor's appointment or a pharmacy pick up but that's about it.  At least for Ross.

Me?  I get all kinds of crazy stuff.

At least one day a month, I get 5 to 7 calls from "unknown".  Who is unknown?  Lucky for me, he leaves a message.  Unknown is a fax machine and some person in an office somewhere faxes my cell phone on a pretty regular basis.

I always seem to get calls from random weirdos.  My number must be very similar to the number of some drug dealer or something.  Now, If I don't know the number, I don't answer the phone.  It's a pretty easy rule to follow and one I am very good at.  I'll gladly listen to a message and return a phone call, if it is for me, but if the number and the message don't apply, I'll definitely ignore.

So, this week I've received three calls and voice messages that sort of take the cake.  Each call has been from a gentleman named Mitchell from  the Hospital Help Desk.  He is calling regarding a message from Julie Smith about her e-mail account being suspended and not working.

I am not Julie Smith.  I did not call the Hospital Help Desk.  I do not have a suspended e-mail account.

It's fine that my number gets mistaken for someone else's number once.  Maybe even twice.  But, for a person needing to leave a message for Julie Smith, when he hears, "This is Ann...leave a message..." wouldn't you think he'd get the hint that he's using the WRONG number?

Not only that, but the third message left this morning (yes, when I saw the number and knew it was Mitchell I almost answered) was rather belligerent.  In a little too gruff of a tone, Mitchell informed me that he's called three times and since Ms. Smith hasn't responded he'll be forced to take care of the account issue by eliminating the account!!!  And, if Ms. Smith has a problem with that, she can use her ticket number to start the help desk issue over again!  And have a nice day!

Should I feel bad?  Probably a little bit.  Do I?  Not at all.

I'm not sure who is more stupid - Mitchell for calling the wrong number and leaving a message in the obviously wrong voice mail account three times or the person who left the wrong phone number in the first place.

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