Monday, December 19, 2011

One of the busiest weeks of the year!

Twas the Monday before Christmas and all through the house,
little boys were crazy, bouncing off the walls of the house....

Okay, I am not a poet but last week was really busy.  One of those weeks where your days are filled with errands and wrapping, and shopping and your nights are full of basketball and parties, and festive activities.

Here's a quick glimpse into our last week.

Last night, grandpa had to ride in the back of the truckster w the little squirts.

Dinner and seeing the lights piled into Grandma Judy's family truckster.

Tonight's dinner. Yum!
Eating out every single night of the week somewhere because there just was no time to cook at home.

Zoo light w grandma and grandpa

Zoo lights. New family tradition. @hoglezoo

Zoo lights with Grandma and Grandpa.

Advent day 15:  oh Christmas tree.

Lots of Christmas crafting and baking (and basketball watching)

The preschool Christmas program

Preschool Christmas program participating and watching.

From one of my most favorite people in the world. Thank you!

Exchanging gifts with very good friends.

Christmas concert is about to begin.

Christmas program watching (and painted finger nails, fancy clothes, and out to dinner without the kids!)

Went to the funeral today of a 96 yr o WWII silver star winning vet. Full military. Awesome.

On Saturday, we attended the funeral of Ross' 89 year old great uncle. He was a cool guy. It was a neat service. After the funeral he received a traditional military farewell with a 21 gun salute, flag folding ceremony, and a whole lot of cool.  He was a WW II veteran and received the silver star for his service during the war - I was told that he helped liberate Vatican city when Italy was invaded by the allies.

Vanilla bean cupcakes with nutella butter cream icing. Yummy!!!!

Lots of parties and food and family and friends. More sugar than I every should have consumed, but consume it I did.

And that was just Monday through Sunday.  This week we've already had crafts with friends (we painted ornaments which I've decided is the absolute coolest thing ever!).  We've got more parties and family, festivities and food ahead of us.  Believe it or not, I can hardly wait.

We painted ornaments this morning w friends.

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Codi said...

You've been so busy! Today was so much fun. Lucy couldn't wait to show Blake her ornament and talk to him about "the boys". She still thinks it was hysterical they were hiding out together so well.

Thanks for letting us visit. Your house is beautiful, your treats were yummy, it's fun to talk and catch up...I'm really glad we are friends Annie.


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