Friday, December 30, 2011



Today is HIS birthday.  He is 17.  He is awfully close to being an adult.  I don't know how I really feel about that.

The other day at my moms, sitting around the table, eating our home made mini pizzas for lunch, we reminisced about the giant boy before us.

It was just the mom, the kiddos, and the grand kids - one of my favorite combinations of people

We asked him what some of his earliest memories of us are.

He just sort of stared and said he didn't know.

We asked if he remembered sluffing church to look at animals with Haley.  If he remembered standing with his fists in the air shouting, "Ole! Ole! Ole!" when watching his favorite Day at Disneyland VHS tape.  Or if he remembered how I'd always let him ride in the front seat with only the seat belt and my hand to protect him.  Or if he remembered one day being very stomach sick and squishing it all over Haley's lap on the ride home.

I asked him if he remembered what he'd do on days when I picked him up from daycare/babysitting.

He said he didn't.

Know what we'd do?  We'd come home to an empty house, get a drink and head to the basement.  He wasn't that little, maybe three, and I'd find us a show (probably Arthur or Kratt's Creatures), and I'd lay down on the worlds best, ugliest, softest, ideal for sleeping brown couch and he'd climb up on top of me, stomach to stomach and would lay and watch the show with me.  We'd usually fall asleep.

Even if he doesn't remember, I do.

And I'll never let him do it again because now he's a giant.  And he'll squish me to death.

Happy Birthday Willie!

We love you!

Past Birthday Wishes.....

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