Sunday, May 05, 2013

Keeping an eye out for me...

Where I spent my Saturday morning.  A couple week late anniversary activitym

Yesterday morning, Ross and I finally got around to doing the activity we'd planned to do a few weeks ago for our wedding anniversary.  We had decided, that in honor of 10 years, we'd go back to the Salt Lake Temple and do proxy sealings.  We figured that we be a cool way to celebrate and recognize our own anniversary, but the original day ended up being too busy and we had to reschedule.

Anyway, we got into the temple and as I rounded the corner to head to the women's locker room, there was a beautiful old grandma sitting in a chair, directing traffic.  I saw her and pretty much stopped dead in my tracks.  That woman was the spitting image of my grandma Huber.  Same hair, same face, same soft hands (I didn't hold her hand, but i could tell).  She gave me a half smile smirk and pointed me in the direction that I was supposed to go.

It was just a little moment in time, mere seconds, our interaction, but in that precious building, doing something that I know to be right, it was like she was right there, just telling me good morning, and that I was a good girl.

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