Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Quinner: 8 months

Hello baby boy.  I'm a little slow in getting this post written, but last week, on May 2, you turned 8 months old.  Oh my how time is flying by so quickly.  Just today, Elliott said to me, "mom, remember when Quinn was so tiny that he wore those little nightgown things?"  "Yes," I told him.  But Quinn is a little too big for those now.
This is how we watch tball when its butt cold
As with every month older you get, the last few weeks have been full of growing and new experiences.  You took your first trip to instacare, because you threw up and I panicked.  Your good dad took you late in the night and we found out that you had an ear infection.  We also found out that you weigh 25 pounds.  In the last week, you've gone from 2 teeth, to almost 6 teeth and have been a bear about life for a few days because your mouth has been so sore.  You have been inconsolable and screaming and crazy for a couple of days and it's driving me absolutely crazy.  But, I think that things are getting better and hopefully Captain Chill will return.

Rolling around
You've been eating some bread, some crackers, drinking a little bit of juice, and dad even gave you frozen yogurt the other night.  You loved it.  You can roll and spin and twirl around to get anywhere you want and get there quickly, but you love to roll to the tile by the fireplace and kick as hard as you can.  Not sure why, but it's your thing.  That and getting your legs stuck under the couch.  It's like you have a gravitational pull to the sofa and getting stuck but you're working on it.  You've graduated to the big boy bathtub and are starting to figure out that splashing in the water is fun.  You love to be in the walker and bounce and dance and kick your little feet...but, you can only go backwards.  However, you can go backwards all over the house.

Until you crash into a wall.
Butt cold

There are a few people in this world that you truly love.  Me, and dad and your brothers of course, but you seem to love your Grandma Judy.  Whenever she holds you, you put your left ear right up to her mouth so that she can kiss you a thousand times.  Sometimes, you let me do it to, but mostly it's grandma.

Let's see, what else:
You say, "mamama" and "dadadad" and your big brother is pretty certain you say "Elliott".

Not to be forgotten I love these boys toom #lategram
You love to clap and sing and are starting to recognize music.  Mom loves the Lumineers lately and there are a couple of songs that, when you're eating in the high chair and they come on the ipod you stop, look towards the dock and smile.  It's pretty cute.
8 months old this week
You love to be outside and any chance you get is an absolute treat - even with the wind blasting you in the face.  We've been camping out at lots of baseball and t-ball games the last few weeks and minus the frigid temperatures, you've loved being out and about.

You tug on your hair when you drink a bottle and burrow your head into my shoulder when you're tired.

You prefer to nap while being held, but are getting better not only about actually taking naps, but taking them in your bed.
Sick and getting more teeth.  We've been like this for two hours.
You love your brothers so much and they love you back even more.

We love and love and love you so much little buddy.  It's sad for me to see you moving completely away from being a baby to being a little boy.  You've almost figured out crawling and it makes me sad.  I want you to stay little and not enter that evil mobile baby zone where you have no idea what you are doing and just crash and cry all the time.  But, it's so fun to watch you figure things out so I guess it's okay.

Big boy playing all by himself
Keep growing and keep loving us.  We will love you back.

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