Thursday, May 16, 2013

My three sons....

Tis the season for school programs and the boys have each had theirs in the last couple of weeks.

Wyatt was first up with his mother's day program.  His little class sang three songs, and then presented each of their moms (and one grandpa) with a cute little paper, a poem and a plant they grew themselves.  It was sweet.  Wyatt was a little shy and nervous about all the moms so up close and watching, and he had to sit by this super goof ball boy, Cohen, who kept hitting him on the head, but it was great.

Mothers day program

Yesterday was Elliott's kindergarten spectacular.  The little kids have been practicing for ages and even had to wear their best clothes for the program.  Elliott opted for a shirt and tie and he looked great.  He had a part at the microphone and recited it like a pro.  Grandma and I were so proud of him.  He did an excellent job.

Kindergarten program.   Where is Elliott?

And that cute little baby that wraps up the boys three?  He's been a bit of a bugger lately.  You see, his mouth hurts and in the last three weeks, he's gone from us thinking that he's getting one tooth, to two teeth, to four teeth, to yesterday me spotting another one.

That chill little baby who has been so uptight we can hardly stand it?  He's had 5 teeth pop into his mouth all at the same time - bringing his grand total to 7.  Four on top and three on the bottom.

Hot baby #onemoregame

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