Friday, May 31, 2013

Family Tradition

I wasn't the best student in high school.  In all honesty, I pretty much despised my entire high school experience, and minus a handful of people, don't even remember the names or faces of those I went to school with.  I wasn't social or friendly and my "shy" and "social anxiety" came off as snobbish...which I guess it probably was.  I had very few real friends, teachers that I liked, or super positive experiences.  I dropped out of seminary.  My calculus teacher told me I was stupid.  My AP Government teacher drove a "probe".  Playing volleyball and basketball got me through, having a mom and grandma go to bat for me that one time kept me from being suspended, and the day I graduated was one of the best days of my entire 18 years of living.

I wasn't valedictorian, but I worked hard enough and got good grades, I think that my ranking was #10 in my class.  All "A's" except for three "C's" in calculus.  I was Academic All-State in volleyball and basketball and and at the senior awards banquet a week or so before school got out, I, as my sister, brought home a haul of hairnets and name tags awards.  I remember being pretty shocked that my name kept getting called to the front of the banquet room that night.  I also remember that Andrew Tanner's dad leaned over after I'd gotten one very important award and said, "That Annie Petersen is quite a catch!"

Off all the awards and accolades I received that night, most of which I still have in my hope chest (sigh) was the Ann Pehrson award.  The Ann Pehrson Award was for outstanding senior girl.  There were probably a bunch of girls who could have or should have received that award, but I got it.  It was a gold medallion in a beautiful burgundy case, and it was to me then, as it is now, a really big deal.  You see, two years later, my sister would also receive the Ann Pehrson Award.  And, many moons before that, my mom was also the recipient her senior year at Cyprus High School.

Now fast forward to 2013.  Last night was my brother's senior awards banquet and, like his sisters before him, he swept the ceremonies.  My dad was carrying his stack of awards, plaques, certificates and even some envelopes with gift cards and cash.  He was recognized for his leadership and his athleticism.  He got the outstanding male athlete award, which my dad told me was a big deal because he didn't want any more recognition for being a scholar-athlete - just for being good at sports.

Among his many accolades @willie_petersen44 is valedictorian and outstanding senior male.  My sister, mom and I were all the outstanding senior girl (all at cyprus).  It runs in the family and we expected nothing less.  #soproud

My brother, like my sister, is also the valedictorian of his class and, like our sister, will be speaking at his graduation next week.

And, my brother, like his sisters and his mom before him, was recognized for being the outstanding senior male (well, you know....the outstanding senior student of his gender).  That's a big deal when there are 2400 kids at your school.

In talking to my parents last night and my mom this afternoon, we both, of course, gushed a little bit about my giant crazy little brother.  He is such a good kid and has dedicated his life to the kids at his school this year.  And, like his sisters, he is so ready to graduate and move on with his life he can hardly stand it.  There are such big things in his future, I cannot wait to see what he can do.

But, the other thing....

My mom always says to us when we are being mopey or pouty, "I didn't born no ugly children".....

She didn't born no stupid ones, either.


Me, @willie_petersen44 , and my sister.   All three of us were academic all state in two sports.  All three of us in basketball.   Pretty cool.

The successes in the lives of me, my sister, and my brother are in direct correlation to two parents who have loved and supported us through everything from the moment we were born.  They have dedicated their lives to us, and I am so grateful for all the sacrifices I know that they have made, all the hours they have spent helping us in our lives, and from my perspective now, for the amazing grandparents that they are to my three little goofballs.

I'm also so proud of my brother.

More gushing to follow in the coming week.....


Bing Math said...

nice post.

japetersen said...

very nice --- you are all good kids!


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