Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wyatt: 4 years old!

On Friday night, you came outside as I was finishing planting some flowers.  You found a dead bee on the front porch and said to me, "Mom, look at that bee!"  I looked and replied, "Yeah, I think it's a dead bee."  You paused, looked at it a little more closely and told me, "No.  It's not dead.  It's just being really still.  I think it's resting."

I'm not sure why that short conversation stuck with me so much in the last two days, but for me, it sort of sums up what kind of little boy you are becoming.  Observant, thoughtful, and a problem solver who always seems to be looking on the brighter side of life.

When I told Grandma Judy the story she laughed.  She said that even though you got off to a slow start - not talking until you were almost two, being a bit of a destructive bruiser with a mean and whiny streak, that you've really turned into a smart, funny, and delightful little boy.

For their birthdays my boys get to pick a birthday activity and restaurant for dinner.   This boys activity of choice was scheels to ride the ferris wheel.

And delightful you are.  I love being your mom little Chick and am so proud of you this last year.  Your dad and I have talked several times about how going from three to four years old is such a huge deal.  In the last year you went from a crib to a big boy bed.  You learned how to pee in a toilet.  You got rid of your binker.  You learned how to ride a razor scooter like a dare devil and you started preschool.  You get to go to primary instead of nursery and even gave your first talk in front of an audience of your peers.

You have grown up so much.  Elliott is your best friend and the two of you are glued to each other day in and day out.  I think that sharing a room when Quinn joined the family has been a great experience for you.  The two of you play so well together and I hope forever and ever that you will be such good friends and take good care of each other....and that baby of yours.  Every morning when you see your Quinner your eyes light up and you run to him to talk and tickle and make him laugh.  And, in return, every morning, he rubs your head, pokes your face and tries to pick your nose.

Mothers day program

My boy, you are funny and goofy...always pulling faces, dancing and singing.  You never stop bopping around, singing songs, or seeing the bright side.  Your glass is always half full and most of the time, your excitement is pretty infectious.  You may whine a lot, puke a lot, and fall asleep in the car all the time but I wouldn't trade a single thing about you....even your Star Wars obsession.  You love the dark side, prefer Vader and Maul to the Jedi's and most days your dad and I can find you humming the Imperial March as you walk through the house.

I love how good you are with friends, and classmates, and your baby brother.  You are kind and gentle when you need to be and tough when it counts.  This year, we've had no crying in t-ball and you are getting really good at sharing, taking turns, and brokering deals.  You can convince Elliott to to do or trade almost anything.

New games on their kindles.  I hope they love each other forever.

Your laugh is infectious and lately, your favorite show is America's Funniest Home Videos.  Before bed every night, when it's boys time before bed, I sit and listen to you and your dad and your brothers on the baby monitor laughing hysterically at peoples foibles caught on tape.  It melts my heart to hear you laugh.

You have always been my cuddly little buddy and remind me of your uncle Willie who, if he has the chance, will still try to sit on someones lap.  I hope you will never be too cool for a hug and a kiss and a squeeze.  When I'm sitting on the floor, at least once a day you'll come up to me and give me an "Anaconda Squeeeezzzzeeeee" and squeeze me as hard as you can.  I love it, and return the favor with as many tickles as you can stand.   Uncle Willie taught you the anaconda squeeze.  In fact, Uncle Willie teaches you a lot of stuff.  I'm pretty sure he's your best big buddy and I know he's your favorite Uncle Willie there ever was.  At Disneyland, on our first day, the two of you were completely inseparable and it was super cool to see.


This last year has seen a lot of "the terrible three's" but as you've inched closer to four, you've started to grow up so much and I'm so excited to see what the next year holds for you.  You can write your name, read a few words, and do some pretty hard math problems.  You have a memory like an elephant and had so much fun at Disneyland that I don't think you could even stand it.
Top o the mornin to ya!

Lots and lots of love is headed your way.....and will be given back in return.

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