Friday, January 26, 2007

The best feeling in the world

I am supposed to be resting, but Ross is in the bed because he doesn't feel well and I am a bit stir crazy. Plus, I found a computer with the internet, and wanted to share a few thoughts for those of you out there keeping track.

Elliott is doing great. We got to hold him again this morning and he is getting squirmy and is very close to waking up. They took out his feeding tube last night and as soon as he wakes up and gets hungry...he eats and if the timing works out, we get to feed him.

Everything at this point is going really well. I feel great! Much better than I thought I would and can post some details of the whole experience later.

However, I just wanted to share that the absolute best feeling in the whole world is holding your little baby. It took over 12 hours for me to even be able to see my little guy on Tuesday and finally getting to hold him last night nearly took my breath away. He is just the sweetest little thing in the whole world and I can't believe he is mine. Maybe, if he behaves, I'll share Elliott with Ross, too.

We will be coming home tomorrow, and hopefully our little monkey baby can join us early next week. At that point, I'm sure chaos will ensue, but until then...keep Elliott in your thoughts and prayers.

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Jared said...

Way to go MOM! I've been waiting to read a few of your thoughts about Elliott.


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