Saturday, January 27, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, Ross and I made it home. It was extremely emotional leaving the hospital today, but, being home is nice. Elliott is still in the NICU and it is terribly lonely without him, but he is doing exceptionally well. He is eating...a whole 10ml every three hours but because he's done so well with that, his quantity will start to increase. He is also a peeing machine, which is excellent because that is helping him get rid of all the extra fluid that he has retained from all the meds he was on for almost two whole days.

As we were on our way out from his 2:30 feeding we asked the doctor what Elliott's next milestone is. The Doc said, "He just needs to eat his way out of here."

Elliott New Baby001

Very promising for us indeed. Not only is the outlook bright, but Willie got to see his little monkey nephew for the first time today. Yeah! Willie isn't old enough to get into the NICU, but because Elliot has graduated to the front of the class, we were able to open the blinds and let Willie and Dad and Ross/Mom watch as his vitals were done and he sucked down another bottle in about 20 seconds flat. I was so happy that "my boy" could finally see my baby. What a great day!

Elliott New Baby010

And...most importantly perhaps, the little guy finally opened his eyes, sort of. He is four days old and up until today, we hadn't seen what his eyes even look like but we scored twice and got him to open up his puffy little eyes at both feedings today. He sort of looks like a cross between a pirate and an old man, but we'll take it.

I managed to upload a bunch of picutres to Flickr to look at so feel free to take a peek. Otherwise, Ross and I are exhausted and will probablly disappear for a while unless there is more great news to share.

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Welcome Home and good luck! - Haley


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