Monday, January 22, 2007

Final Thoughts

It's Monday afternoon and I am still patiently awaiting a phone call with our surgery time tomorrow. The wait is a little un-nerving because I wanted the call first thing this morning and I have actually had oodles of phone calls this am, which never happens, from everyone under the sun except the doctor. Arg!

As I sit at my computer trying to not stare at my phone, I've got a few final thoughts before my (our) life changes dramatically.

This was our last weekend just the two of us and we did nothing. We went about our daily business and did actually go to a move on Saturday night (Ross finally got to see "Casino Royale" and fall in love with James Bond movies all over again) but other than that, you wouldn't know that big changes were in the works.

Of those big changes, I'm ready. Ross is nervous, but I don't feel nervous. I actually feel pretty calm about the whole thing...just very anxious (Ring Phone! Ring!) and ready for the next step. Judging from this picture that I took on Friday afternoon, I think you might agree that we're ready for Part II of this whole baby thing.
My feet look like they are an entire planet away and the giant orb blocking their view is "Gary".
It's amazing, when you think about it, how much patience this whole baby process takes. We've spend 38 weeks to get us to this point and then the kid will be here tomorrow literally in a matter of minutes. Crazy how all of that works out.
One thing that I am hoping for is that the diabetes gets itself under control. That the loss of an extra person, 35 pounds, and an immense appetite will bring things under control. Since July, I've been keeping all my used needles in a milk jug on the kitchen counter. Not very appetizing, I know, but I can't just throw them in the trash. I think that is illegal among other things. Well, as of this weekend, the milk jug is pretty much full. Just look at it.

DSCN0091 DSCN0089

The needles are practially oozing out the top of the jug. I'm sure I can squeeze a few more in, but hopefully once the squeezing is done, then, I'll be done with the viles, needles, bruised hips, and dramatically altered life routine. Well, I'll probably keep the altered routine...that should be good for me to maintain.

Anyway, those are some final thoughts. Well, not really any thoughts at all.

Tomorrow is a big day for us. I think Willie might be the most excited out of everyone. He gets to be an uncle tomorrow and has the whole day planned. As soon as Ross or I call my mom to tell her about "Gary", she is getting Willie out of school, taking him to lunch, and then they are coming for a visit to the hospital (but, not until they get lunch). It should be an exciting day!

Wish us luck!


Michele said...

I love your stomach and the analogy to another planet. Also, never underestimate the importance of lunch. Good Luck tomorrow and take lots of pics of the little nameless(?) guy.

Jared said...

We're all excited for you guys! Good luck tomorrow. Tell Ross to take a few pics!


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