Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The last "Gary" update before D-day

This is the last update before "Gary" gets here next week. First, all is well. We had our last ultrasound on Monday and the baby is still clocking in with a giant head and weighing around 8 pounds. If you are interested in placing bets on length, enter them in the comments section. Ross and I are both guessing around 23 inches long.

Today was my last Doctor's appointment. We are still measuring ahead of the game (40 at 37 weeks) and heart rate is steady at 145.
"Gary"will officially greet the world on Tuesday, January 23, 2007. We don't have a time for the c-section scheduled yet, but that should get worked out Monday of next week. The Doctor and I are shooting for the earliest time, which would be 7:30 am.

At the request of Momacita, this is what "Gary" will be wearing home from the hospital. DSCN0068
Isn't it cute? It might be the only time the little outfit fits the kid so he'll definately wear in on the journey home.

And finally, we still don't have a name for the little guy. I think we figured out his last name, and have sort of settled on a middle name, but a first name is still up for grabs. Which means, if any of you blog readers and family members out there would like to offer some final so now.


Ryan Marschke said...

My bet is gary will measure in at exactly 21.5". You'll find the hospital staff have superior measurement skills with accuracy that is beyond belief.....NOT.

Utefan said...

Name him Napoleon.


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