Monday, January 29, 2007

Someone decided to wake-up

As you can see from the little movie, the baby now known as Elliott decided to wake up. He is finally alert enough and not swollen enough to get his cute little eyes open and share his thoughts on the world of which he has none at this point, except that he doesn't like cold thermometers under his arpit. (Disclaimer: The dinosaur noises in the video are being made by Dad, not Elliott) We were so excited to have him stare at us last night that we could hardly contain ourselves.

Jan 29.013

You probablly noticed in the movie the big splint thing on his arm. Well, no need to be concerned. Last night, he graduated from the IV in the belly to his arm. However, he gave his night shift nurse a little trouble and managed to pull that IV out so when we got to see him this morning, his IV is now in his head. Yuck is right. Elliott doesn't seem to mind though and he completely enjoys having his arms free.

Last night they also weighed and measured the little guy and he is clocking in at 8 lb 4 oz. and 21 inches long. No, he didn't grow 2 inches in 5 days, but we figure in the rush of things last Tuesday he definately got short changed.

Also, and perhaps the most exciting part of today is that his air hose in his nose is gone. When we went to feed Elliott at our 11:30 appointment, he was for the first time wearing clothes and breathing completely on his own. Yeah little monkey!
Jan 29.018

We are getting so much closer to having our little guy home that the anticipation is just eating away at us. After speaking with the wonderful doctor today, we are now going to have carseat and diaper bag ready at all times. Before Elliott can come home he has to keep eating and breathing, and sit up in his car seat w/o forgetting all of that. Then, he's ours w/o nurses or tubes.

(click on either of the still shots to see more of Elliott on flickr.)

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.::still blinking::. said...

Isn't is amazing how those little tiny clothes drown him. You will not believe how quickly he will grow into them and you will have to put them away. I was sad when I had to start smashing Gentry into his come home from the hospital outfit, I finally put it away last week. Just kidding. But you will not believe how quickly they grow.

I hope he gets to come home soon.


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