Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Last Christmas

This year, I'm trying to avoid being a Grinch. No guarantees, but I'm trying. Even though the holidays make me ill, I do love Christmas songs. The old traditional tunes are always good, especially when sung by the "good oldies" like Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Rosemary Clooney, Nat King Cole and the like. Those songs always seem to find a special place in the hearts of most people this time of year.

Though those "oldies but goodies" have their place, they aren't my favorites. My favorite Christmas song is "Last Christmas" by WHAM. Pathetic? So what? I remember my first introduction to WHAM - we were in St. George when I was very young visiting a teacher friend of my mom's. She had a VHS tape of WHAM videos and I remember watching that video dozens of times before we left to head back home. If I happen to hear, "Wake me up before you go-go" I can't help but smile and dance.

Anyway, after you watch this video, you'll find this is your favorite song too. Regardless of his personal life choices, who doesn't love a little George Michael and that other guy every once in a while?

Enjoy this precious gift from me to you. Merry Christmas!


Harried Mom said...

I loved WHAM when I was a kid too. This song in particular is one I have never forgotten. I am such a lame brain that two of my favorite Christmas CD's are Barbara Streisand's and Neil Diamonds. Funny that two Jews would have made my favorite CD's...a little irony I guess.

jenny said...

too funny! i have been reading on other people's blogs that this is their least favorite song of the holidays. hahahaha! thanks for posting the 'totally 80's' video for the song. gotta love that!

Unknown said...

thanks for that.

boy do i miss WHAM.


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