Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Happy Birthday to my dad!

From the game

My Dad.

Today, he is one year older.

Today, he has to go to work and go to school and then after work and school, he'll get bombarded by crazy grandson's at his house who will jump around and war-hoop and probably break or spill something.  He won't mind though - he'll just clean up the mess when those crazy boys leave.

He'll call one of them Elliott-smelliott.  He'll carry the other one to the car because the Chick always has to have grandpa carry him to the car, as if somehow his legs are broken and cannot carry his 32 pounds.

My dad is such a good dad and grandpa.  He takes care of us, tolerates all of our collective strangeness, and is a hard worker.  I'm so thankful to my dad for making us do stuff with him when we were kids - yard work, home teaching to a bunch of old ladies, and teaching us how to be part of a team....among hundreds of other things.

Happy Birthday Dad!

We love you.

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