Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Painting with bubbles!

In order to keep things sane in our house, I try every single day to have a project for the boys.  A craft, a mission, a fort - something to keep them busy for a while.  My boys really like to do artsy crafty stuff, which is right up my alley so it usually works out that our projects involve paint and paper and stickers and lots and lots of glue.

And a major mess.

And a stressed out mom because boys do not follow instructions.

Last Friday I had the idea to play with some bubbles inside.  I'd seen something similar online and figured we could do something fun at the kitchen table.  And, considering both boys were a smidge sick and we were not going out into the butt cold day, indoor bubble painting was born.

There were a few glitches in the craft - straws didn't work and we needed more food coloring in our bubble mix but....BUT.....BUT - these crazy boys of mine kept themselves busy for almost an hour blowing bubbles onto paper and being clever and awesome.

We tried a couple different types of paper and the watercolor paper worked the best.  I think that we might do this again with some big sheets of nice white paper.  It would be a great homemade gift wrap, stationary, or even a good art project to frame.





Today's art project: colored bubbles on water color paper.

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