Sunday, November 06, 2011

In a nutshell

Weekends seem to take ages to arrive and then they disappear in the blink of an eye.  Totally unfair.  Things in our lives seem to be pretty boring lately, but we're doing our best to try to keep things interesting.  Even if the only interesting we can muster is watching "Shaun the sheep" through the Xbox on netflix on demand.

We've transformed into pilgrims and talk every day about the things we are thankful for.

We've begun our yearly pilgrimage to the University to watch our beloved Runnin' Utes stink it up for yet another season. They may be crappy, and we may only be going to the Saturday games, but we get to do it as a family and take up a whole section of seats. There really isn't anything more fun than that.


We got snow twice in the last week but the stuff on Friday night stuck. The boys woke with cheers and roars and desperation to get outside, even in their pajamas to throw some snowballs. That may have been the best thing to happen, this silent ushering in of winter, that they boys have seen in a long time.

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