Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A busy day on "vacation"

We were only in Arizona for three full days.  Not really enough time to do anything.  Ross grew up in Arizona and of course, once we're there, spends every second he can trying to convince me what a wonderful place it is.  I then tell him that besides the heat, which I couldn't live in for one second, and the lack of seasons (I really do like the snow and the rain) that Phoenix is the land of strip malls, shopping malls, and chain restaurants.

In 10 years of making a pilgrimage to the desert, I have one time been to a museum and one time been out to a pretty lake in the middle of no where and road a paddle boat.  Otherwise, my experience is limited to shopping, eating and baseball.  Which, is pretty much all we did this vacation as well.  One day though, we might actually have the time to do "touristy" stuff when we go down to visit instead of just racing around to see as many people as we can, visit the outlet malls, the Native New Yorker restaurant and Bahama Bucks for shaved ice.

Anyway - day one wore me out.  We spent the morning with Ross' grandparents and then took them to lunch.  After that, a quick trip to the hotel to wash up and let the boys chill for 30 minutes and then back on the road to the Opening Day game for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Ug, baseball!  But, the boys had fun, Wyatt had a nap, and the D-backs won which made my husband very happy.  In fact, they swept their series with the Giants over the weekend which also made him happy.

After the baseball game (the weather was perfect!) we tried to find dinner and wrapped things up with some shaved ice.  Oh, I cannot wait for summer.

Visiting family.





Opening day for snacks. Seats do high I almost puked from the altitude.

Real shaved ice. Oh my heavens. @twomoreseconds  you would die and go to heaven!

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