Wednesday, April 04, 2012

you had to be there...


On Saturday night, we were all gathered at my mom's kitchen table.  Well, everyone except my dad and Ross, they were yelling at the basketball game on TV, a game which the rest of us didn't care about.

Anyway, we were sitting at the kitchen table because we had some planning to do.  My brother has decided to run for student body president (against three girls mind you) at his high school and we were doing some high level planning.


No, not really, we were pretty much screwing around.  You see, as these sort of meetings go, my mom is the supervisor trying to keep us all on track and appreciate everyones ideas.  I'm the bossy one who expects everyone to listen to her and they never do.  My sister is the comic relief who doesn't seem to be able to stay on topic and keeps changing the subject to something in left field.  And, my brother, whose political future we're planning, he's more worried about whether or not that hot dog he just ate was cooked all the way and if he's going to get food poisoning....forgetting the fact that hot dogs are cooked long before he sticks one on the George Foreman.

Flash forward tho the end of our meeting, the time when everything falls apart.  Mom had left the table because she was being helpful and productive getting pajamas on all the little people.  When mom leaves and my husband joins the conversation things can go downhill quickly apparently.

We were having a disagreement about who invented the name "shavy jones" for the shaved ice business.  The conversation went something like this:

Annie:  I came up with Shavy Jones
Willie:  No you did not!  I came up with Shavy Jones.
Annie:  No, you suggested Davy Jones and I came up with Shavy Jones.  Ross, back me up!
Ross:   (Not having any idea what were talking about) Annie's right. (Good husband).

Willie:  No, I came up with Shavy Jones, you are wrong.

**Note:  The conversation could have gone on like this for ages, but luckily that sister of mine decided to add the funny.

Haley:  Well, I created the octopus!
Annie:  Really?  You created the octopus?  Like, in the beginning you and God and Jesus were in Heaven planning the earth and you raised your hand and said, "Hey guys, I dibs the octopus?"

Haley started laughing.  I started laughing and my brother.....he had just taken a drink of bright pink gatorade and then, because his sisters are just so funny, proceeded to shoot that bright pink gatorade out of his nose.

His nose threw up.

It was awesome.

I almost threw up from laughing so hard.

But, I guess you had to be there.

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japetersen said...

That picture with Uncle Bevan in the background is always a little eerie.


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